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Shipping & Return Policy



  1. All products are shipped by international shipping companies, and by air to ensure the safety of the products and the speed of their arrival to you.
  2. All orders, if available, will be prepared within two days, and unavailable products will be prepared within 15 days, or the order will be canceled if unavailable. Products that are made specifically for you will be shipped when they are ready.
  3. The order will be shipped as soon as it is ready, the average shipping will arrive within 3-15days, and the maximum shipping time will be one month. If the products are not shipped within 15 days, the amount of money will be refunded to you.
  4. The shipment is packed and disinfected well and accurately, in order to preserve your safety and the safety of the products.
  5. The products dispatched by the supplier are checked and matched with the order specifications before they are shipped to you.
  6. In the case that your shipments are damaged, please ask the shipping company and fill in a paper that records the damage in order to be recompensed.
  7. Please fill in your information accurately, especially the name, address and phone number, in order to ensure the product arrival quickly.
  8. You can follow your products through our website or application, or through the tracking link of the shipping company, or email us at shipping@noonmar.com to provide you with additional information, or contact us on our phone numbers.
  9. The client bears all customs expenses and other taxes related to his country.
  10. The product weight shown on the website is the weight of the product with packaging.


  1. All products that are paid at the door are not exchanged or returned, so you must choose the products carefully.
  2. If the payment is by transfer or credit card, you have the right to return the products within 14 days from the day you received it, in case there is a defect in them.
  3. The product must not be damaged or missing one of its accessories or its cover, and cosmetic products must still have their cover, as well as the clothes must still have their tags and must be within their original cover.
  4. If the return is made by the customer without justification, the customer bears all the expenses that are incurred in returning the product, such as shipping fees and transfer fees.
  5. The products that are sold in the special offers that are within a group of offers, the discount applied to the products is removed from the paid value and then the rest will be returned, as well as all the products included in the offer must be returned.
  6. Excludes:
    • Foodstuffs, especially those with a short shelf life, such as sweets.
    • Products that have been customized for you.
    • Products used or damaged, or their accessories are missing.
    • Evening, wedding and lingerie dresses.


  1. After receiving the return request from you, checking it by the supplier and accepting the return, the process of refund will start after 3 days.
  2. The refund period ranges between 7 to 30 days from the date of the supplier's approval of the return.
  3. Funds will be returned to the bank account from which the value of the order was transferred, or to the card from which the value was paid.
  4. The money will be returned to you by dollar value, and the company does not bear any differences in exchange that occur in refund process.
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